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rocket league! all the wayz

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kid BoB

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2y ago
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Jayden Boyd

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5mo ago
rocket league is more better because of how they made the game roblox is just for kids and other people nobody should like roblox cause roblox is just a scam if u get hacked or someone deletes your acc then its over with but in rocket league u dont ge hac

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Q: Witch is better rocket league or ROBLOX ( i HATE ROBLOX)?
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For fans to answer witch is better ROBLOX or minecraft or Blockland?

minecraft all the way

Is roblox better then minecraft?

I love roblox i play it all the time but i play minecraft aswell i just wasn't sure witch one was wbetter

What was the first gift to get on Roblox bloxmas holiday giftsplosion?

There's a lot of Giftsplosions. Witch one?

How do you make decals in Roblox since the develop tab goes to Roblox Studio now?

I know a lot of ROBLOX, anyways you would have to buy BC to make models or decals

Witch football club won the top league?

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Is Roblox a website?

Yes, Roblox is a Lego website where you can have friends, make places out of legos, buy stuff with fake tix and R$, and you can be a member witch means you can do pretty much everything

How do you hack admin on Roblox?

yes you can walk though the wall witch you zoom in then you walk in and jump at the same time

How do you do the shield glich on roblox?

there is no glitch u been foooled cause u go to roblox studio and add sheid on the mesh screen you can edit how big it is and how much it can witch stand -GuestanUser

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Actually Robert Goddard did not make the first rocket. The chinese did in the first century a.d. But Robbert Goddard made his first rocket in the early 1920's witch led on to the Bazooka

What does startergui on Roblox do?

gui (meaning Graphical User Interface) is used to make a Roblox place look like it has window in it. Example: the health gui is given to everywan in a server. So the answer to this question is the startergui is a place in a roblox place in witch you can place a gui that will be given to everywan on enter

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witch craft

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they lunches off with a rocket first then orbits a planet. Then shoots off on to the planet. after witch, the rocket blows apart back to earth.