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You go to your bag, go to the TM and HM section, boot up surf, teach it to a water Pokemon, and when you get to a body of water, select that Pokemon in then menu, and in blue letters, it should say surf, press a and say yes. Or, if your Pokemon already knows surf, go up to a body of water, press a on it, it should say "The water is a deep blue... Would you like to surf on it?" then select yes, then it says "(Pokemon) used surf."

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Q: How do you use the move surf outside of battle?
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How do you get to use the move waterfall outside of battle?

When using Surf outside of battle, and if there is a waterfall and you are at the bottom, you can travel up the waterfall by using Waterfall.

How is the hm surf in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you mean by how is? but surf lets you ride on a water Pokemon in the water. You will also need it to get to the Pokemon league and you get the move surf from the elder of celestic town and you can use it outside of battle when you beat the hearthome gym leader.

What is the use of the move dig for outside of battle?

The use of the move "dig" outside of battle is that it can get you out of caves and things like caves without using an Escape Rope.

What hidden move can you use after beating fantina?

Fantina gives you shadow claw after beating her, then you can use surf out of battle

How do you get the 5th HM move in diamond?

If you are talking about Defog(HM05), then you will have to beat Crasher Wake first in order to use it outside of battle. It is somewhere in the Great Marsh. In Platinum, it's Fantina, and after you beat her, you can use Surf.

How do geat surf on Pokemon pearl?

To get Surf, go to Celestic Town and go into the ruins and Cynthia's grandma will give you surf. Then go and beat gym leader Fantina, so that you can use Surf outside of battle.

Where to find surf and scale on Pokemon platinum?

You get to use surf outside of battle by beating the 5th gym and you get HM Surf from an elder in celestic town. You get to use rock climb outside of battle by beating the 7th gym in snowpoint city and you get HM rock climb buried in the snow in the loft area in the western area of route 17! Hope it helps!

What is the problem cause Surf will not work in Pokemon Crystal?

You need the Fog Badge from Morty the Ecruteak Gym Leader in Ecruteak City before you can use Surf outside of battle.

What badge do you need to surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need the soul badge that is obtained from defeating the Fuschia city gym leader Koga in order to use surf outside of battle.

Where do you battle an octilery?

You can find octillery outside of the entrance to sunyshore city in the water and you have to surf around to find them or you can use a super rod.

How do you use a Pokemon outside a battle?

Press X to bring up your menu, select 'Pokemon', click a Pokemon and there will be the name of one of its attacks there in blue writing and this means it can be used outside the battle. For example facing a body of water, you can use Surf.

What gym do you have to beat to be able to use surf in pokemon gold version?

In ecruteak city. beat the gym leader to be able to use surf outside of battle. then go to the house of the five kimono girls each with a different evolution of evee