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it is impostible

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Q: How do you use the Pokemon platinum ev modifier?
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What does EV or IV stand for in Pokemon?

It means the Pokemon was trained in certain stats. Battling Pokemon gives you a certain amount of EV points. For example, battling a starly gives you 1 speed EV point for the Pokemon that battled it. Different Pokemon give different EV's. EV's work like the following: every 4 EV's you get in one stat, that stat is raised by 1. The maximum EV's you can have in any one stat is 255 and the total number of EV's your Pokemon can have is 510. So essentially, only two stats can be fully maxed. You could also divide up the EV's evenly into the stats, but that's not the best thing to do. EV-training is tedious, and without the right items, it takes forever. Go to for all the info about EV's.

Full form of EVS?

Ev's are the shotend abreviation for the term effor values. These values can boost your pokemon stats along with it's nature. EV's are gained by knocking out a pokemon of which gives you a set amount of EV's and for a set stat. Some pokemon when defated will give you more then one EV and they can also give you EV's in more then on stat. The most EV's a pokemon can have in one stat is 255 and a overall total of 510 EV's. The recommended amout of EV's to be put in one stat if wanting it at it's fullest potientiol is 252 allowing for a boost in another stat. Each 4 EV's gives the stat a boost of one. Now there are ways to make EV training quicker as you would not want to knock out 252 of a certian pokemon. For example a pokemon who holds a power item it can boost the amount of EV's. The power items give you 4 EV's in a stat no matter what but this depends on which one your holding. The power weight is HP, the power bracer is Attack, the belt is defense, the power lense is sp.attack, the power band is sp.dfence and the powr anklet is speed. .The macho brace double the amount of EV's given to you. Now there is also the rare pokemon virus POKERUS, this virus double the EV's a pokemon gains and can work in accordance with any held items. This virus goose after a while and when it is gone the affect is no longer on the pokemon. The virus can spread to diffrent pokemon but besids from the help in EV training it gives nothing else is really known about it. Besides what i have just told you there are even more items you can use to EV train your pokemon. There are the vitamins. These are if your read there in game info pretty explanatory. Each one boosts a certian stat by 10 EV and you can only use them of a limit of 10 times giving your 100 EV's in your desierd stats. Finally there is also wings, which have only been added recently into pokemon in there latest generation of pokemon, black and white. The wings give your a boost in one stat and again are self explanatory in which. The amount of EV's given is one EV but unlike the vitamins they can be uses as many times as your like, so if you have a collection of 252 of the same wing you can use all 252 to fully ev train a pokemon in that stat.

Were do you get the power anklet in platinum?

You can get all of the power items at the battle frontier. They cost about 16 battle points. Power items help your Pokemon go faster in the process of EV training.

How do you EV train a legendary Pokemon?

Train it as you train all pokemon.

What is the best Pokemon for ev training?

depends on the nature the Pokemon haves:P:P

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How do you view ev points in Pokemon platinum version?

you cant do that

In Pokemon Platinum can you EV train to 252 on 2 different stats on the same Pokemon?

of course you can unless the level of the Pokemon is to low to reach 252. just EV train until it wont allow you to give your Pokemon anymore.

Is there an effort ribbon in Pokemon platinum?

The effort ribbon will be given to you when the effort values (EV) of the first Pokemon in your party are full. For more info about EV's check this guide:

How do you use EV's on Pokemon pearl?

The same way you did in all the Pokemon games.

How do you activate the EV max stat code in Pokemon platinum?

when you keep using them and the Pokemon is maxed out it will say it cant eat anymore or something like that

What should you do if you want to learn everything there is to know on battling for Pokemon platinum and how to make a the toughest Pokemon team ever like learning about ev's and iv's?

get the guide

How do you get the effort ribbon in Pokemon platinum?

Blackthorn City in Johto. A lady in a hut will give your Pokemon the ribbon if it has worked hard.

How do you ev triane on Pokemon platinum?

ev training is pretty complicated. u have to do it whenthe pokemon is newly caught or just born and never battled. I recomend this website it helped me get started, but the hotspots are only for soulsilver.

How do you get values?

You Get Effort values Whenever you defeat a Pokemon the Pokemon has 255 EV's (Effort Values) In the Paticular Stat Or If The Pokemon Has a Total of 510 EV's

What is the max ev code for pokemon platinum?

94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 00000090 000F423F D2000000 00000000 Have it on my Action Replay DSi ~_^

When ev training do you have to kill the Pokemon in 1 hit And does the Pokemon have to level for the ev to take effect?

No, and no. All that is required is that the Pokemon faints.

How do you beat ash in Pokemon soul silver?

you need to ev train if not use legendarys