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On the third floor of Jubilife City TV Station, there is an interviewer who will ask you for an interview, answer with the right words and the mystery gift option will appear on the title screen, the words are: Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection. :)

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Q: How do you unlock the mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?
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Does the mystery gift actually work on Pokemon platinum?


How do you make the guy holding the storage key to show up in Pokemon platinum?

get mystery gift from guy at jubilife tv and then use wfc with freinds to unlock mystery gift who will appear at pokemart by seyhmus

What is the mystery gift in pokeon platinum?

Mystery gift sends you items that unlocks legendary Pokemon, or it sends you the legendary Pokemon itself.

What is inside of a mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?

anything can be in a mystery gift if you have 2 they will both have different things

In Pokemon platinum What is the mystery gift?

you get the myster gift in a Nintendo event

How do you unlock the house behind the Pokemon center in Canlava city in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get the member card. After the screen with Giratina on it go to the mystery gift and say receive from wifi

Can you get Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?

Yes! through mystery gift

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon platinum?

no you can't get it without cheating

How do you collect the mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?

You have to have the action replay.

Is it possible to get the Shaymin Mystery Gift in Pokemon platinum?


What is in the mystery gift on platinum?

inside is 3 Pokemon eggs

How do you get the member pass on Pokemon platinum?

in mystery gift duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!