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You need to go special event

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Q: How do you get manaphy from the mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?
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What mystery gifts are avalible on Pokemon Diamond And platinum right now?

Mystery Gift: MANAPHY Egg ---- Mystery Gift: Azure Flute ---- Mystery Gift: Member Card ---- Mystery Gift: Oak's Letter ----

What Pokemon comes after palika in platinum pokedex?

In the Platinum pokedex, number 151-or the Pokemon after Palkia-is none other than Manaphy. Manaphy can be obtained after you beat the manaphy egg mission in Pokemon rangers. You then can transfer it to platinum via mystery gift. what you do you go to the Pokemon mation and go to the oner and behind him theres a book talk to the book and it will show you a picture of manaphy

How do you get manaphy when you have traded it on Pokemon pearl?

You need the mystery gift activated to receive the Manaphy egg.

Where do you get Manaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

No idea, but you can get a Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and send it to Diamond as a Mystery Gift.

Where to catch manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

You do not catch Manaphy, you gain it as an egg via mystery gift. To receive the Manaphy egg in mystery gift you must have either Pokemon ranger or Pokemon ranger shadows of almai. if you have these games you must complete the game and gain ranger net. Follow the story line and receive a manaphy egg to transfer via mystery gift to either Pokemon diamond, pearl or platinum. Although there is one other way of getting it ...but it is considered cheating. The product action replay lets you cheat your way through various games and this includes gaining the manaphy egg. If you do receive this egg in mystery gift go to the poke mart and claim it from a delivery man in green. If this information was not helpful then i am sorry and if you can somehow contact me i will happily help you further.

What is the code for Manaphy in Mystery Gift in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You cannot get Manphy.

Does the mystery gift actually work on Pokemon platinum?


What is inside of a mystery gift in Pokemon platinum?

anything can be in a mystery gift if you have 2 they will both have different things

What is the mystery gift in pokeon platinum?

Mystery gift sends you items that unlocks legendary Pokemon, or it sends you the legendary Pokemon itself.

In Pokemon platinum What is the mystery gift?

you get the myster gift in a Nintendo event

What Pokemon is 151 in Platinum's Sinnoh Dex?

Manaphy Uh really? 151 is the only one I have left to find until I can unlock the national dex. I've already beaten the Pokemon league & champion and seen 209 Pokemon. How do I see Manaphy then? I thought I couldn't get Manaphy unless I used mystery gift or that ranger game?

How do you get an manaphy egg?

A Manaphy Egg is a Mystery Gift Item. You need Wi-Fi connection for Mystery Gift.