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By winning the first game.

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2012-03-29 23:22:14
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Q: How do you unlock the mini games in Mario sport mix?
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Do you have to unlock mini games in Mario party 8?

You have some at the start already but too unlock some you do the board games

How do you unlock bowser land in Mario party 2?

You beat all of the Bowser mini-games.

How do you unlock mini-games in super Mario ds?

catch the rabbits they give you keys each key unlocks a mini game =)

How do you unlock the mini-games in Kira Kira Pop Princess?

you unlock mini games but defeating other dances example: Elvira

What are the Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party mini games?

they are mini games like on super Mario brothers. they are even better than Mario mini games!

Is Mario party 8 a good game?

Try it it's AWSOME Because you get to unlock mini games and play over and over again!

How do you get mini mushroom to unlock world 7 and 4 for the new super Mario bros for the ds?

All i know is that the mini mushrooms are in world 2 boss castle(to unlock world4) and world 5 boss castle(to unlock world 7) you have to beat the worlds 2 &7 boss when your mini Mario, in order to unlock worlds 4 & 7, it will be a little difficult beating the bosses when your mini Mario but it's worth it

How do you unlock mini games in Naruto Clash of ninja revolution?

Get the highest score in the other mini games

How do you unlock the last mini game in Mario Party 8?

get the people and unlock when u have looked at thee credits

How do you get to the fourth level of Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS?

First, u get mini Mario the go to World 2 and beat the boss with mini Mario. It will unlock World 4.

How do you unlock world 4 on Nintendo DS?

To unlock world 4 in Super Mario Beat the Pokey in world three when you're mini Mario/luigi. I suggest you get the mini mushroom in storage jump on the pokey twice use the mini mushroom then jump on him again.

Can mini Mario defeat the world 5 boss?

yes. if you do it, you unlock world 7.

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