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First, u get mini Mario the go to World 2 and beat the boss with mini Mario. It will unlock World 4.

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Q: How do you get to the fourth level of Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS?
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On super Mario 64 ds how do finish level 14?

On super Mario 64 on the Nintendo DS, you can finish level fourteen by advancing your Mario character onto the red flag at the end of the level. Have Fun!

What Sega games are on Nintendo 64?

not quite sure but i know on super Mario galaxy on the wii it has a game that has a level that is excactly like super Mario Nintendo 64 ( it is the whomp level i believe) oh......and Mario Karts it has that

Can you create a new level on super Mario 64 Nintendo 64?

Yes because you can do it for other systems

In Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 can you customize your own level?

No, you can only play the levels that the designers have created for you.

How do you get to world 1 level 4 on new super Mario bros Nintendo D S?

You have 2 complete each level in world 1!

Where is the first gold coin on world two level two on Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Ds?

under the tree !

Is Luigi on super Mario 64?

If you are talking about Super Mario 64 for Nintendo ds The answer is yes. If you beat alot of levels (i forgot which level) you can unlock luigi but it takes practice. You can unlock wario too.

How do you access level seven on new super Mario for Nintendo ds?

you have to go back and battle Petey Piranha but with a mini mushroom

How do you pass the last level for the new Super Mario Brothers Nintendo ds game like how do you get to the bowser part?

go to youtube

Why is Super Mario fun?

Super Mario is fun because its addicting, with the happy landscapes and all of the different enemies and levels and the rewarding sense you get when you finally complete a hard level. It has become Nintendo's mascot and is its flagship game.

How do you be only level designer version at super Mario 63?

You need to go search ,,super Mario 63 level designer" to click the differenct super Mario 63 level designer button.

In Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS How do you do level 5 world 4 That's Snowmans lost his head in Cool cool Mountain And is there a character is has to be done with?

use me or Yoshi or Mario or wario