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All i know is that the mini mushrooms are in world 2 boss castle(to unlock world4) and world 5 boss castle(to unlock world 7) you have to beat the worlds 2 &7 boss when your mini Mario, in order to unlock worlds 4 & 7, it will be a little difficult beating the bosses when your mini Mario but it's worth it

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Q: How do you get mini mushroom to unlock world 7 and 4 for the new super Mario bros for the ds?
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Can you unlock the tree level in world 2 in super Mario bros DS?

yes, you have to beat the boss with mini mushroom

How do you unlock the mushroom on world two in Super Mario Bros?

All you do is get a mini mushroom go into 2-4. Go all the way down to the water, go left through the pipe and you should see the red flag which should unlock the mushroom.

How can you open world 4 and 7 in Super Mario Brothers?

this is if you mean new super Mario bros you get a mini mushroom and do the boss with the mini mushroom in world 2 and 5

How do you unlock world 7 on Super Mario Brothers ds?

To unlock world 7 on New Super Mario Bros. DS, you first must find a mini mushroom, or get one from a toad house. Then, you go to the world 6 castle (boss tower), get to the boss, defeat the boss, still being Mini Mario, then the sign will switch to world 7, you will go through the tiny hole, and you unlock world 7.

How do you get to world four on Nintendo ds?

To unlock world 4 in Super Mario Beat the Pokey in world three when you're mini Mario/luigi. I suggest you get the mini mushroom in storage jump on the pokey twice use the mini mushroom then jump on him again.

How do you get 2 stars on your profile on new super Mario bros?

I've got to stars and this is how: unlock all worlds, get all the stars (in every world), unlock all the shortcuts and extras such as mushroom huts.

Where is the chimp on world 4 of super Mario galaxy 2?

next to a mushroom

How do you get unlock the secret levels in world 3 on new super Mario bros ds?

go to world three then go to the boddom level where the mushroom is then just after the middle there is a waterfall of sand let mario sink down and the star coin should be there!

How to unlock the place Mario world in super smash bros in 64?

you first have to unlock sonic

On Super Mario where is the mushroom kingdom?

The Mushroom Kingdom is the largest kingdom of the Mushroom World (Which many believe is a parallel world to Earth). Some other places of the Mushroom World are the Bean-Bean Kingdom, Sarasaland, and Dinosaur Land.

How do you get to the seventh level on Super Mario?

beet world 5 boss wit tiny mushroom

How do you get to world 6 on new Super Mario Brothers DS?

beat the boss with mega mushroom