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you have to beat the entire game as mario and luigi. get a gold flag on every level as mario or luigi collect all star coins

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Q: How do you unlock the final level of super Mario 3d land?
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How do you unlock the super secret level in Super Mario World?

go onto world 8 and go on the final level when you have done that you can go back on world 1 and it will be there does anyone understand that?

What do you do in the final level for Super Mario 63?

There is no game called Super Mario 63. There is one called Super Mario 64. On the final level of it you have to fight and defeat Bowser.

How do you get to level 7 on Super Mario Bros?

For New Super Mario Bros., You reach level 7 by defeating the level 5 final boss (Petey Piranha as mini Mario

How do you unlock level 2 on new super Mario bros ds?

You beat level 1.

How do you complete the level Mario's super wall kick in super Mario 64 ds?

well for this one, you need to unlock Mario or get a Mario hat. then you just go to the part of the level where the wall jumping section is, and do it

How do you get to world 3 on new super Mario bros Nintendo ds?

It's rather simple really. Beat the final boss in level 2-Castle to unlock world 3. If you beat the boss as Mini Mario, you will unlock world 4 instead.

Is Luigi on super Mario 64?

If you are talking about Super Mario 64 for Nintendo ds The answer is yes. If you beat alot of levels (i forgot which level) you can unlock luigi but it takes practice. You can unlock wario too.

On new Super Mario Brothers how do you unlock level seven on world 8?

Complete level six on world eight.

How do you unlock super Mario in super Mario bros?

You play the game.

I think there is but just in case is there a level 9 in the DS version of the New Super Mario Bros?

there is but you have to unlock it

How do you unlock level 7-7 pf Super Mario Brothers for the DS?

You don't ha ha

How do you unlock world 5 on new Super Mario Brothers?

beat the last level in world three