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go onto world 8 and go on the final level when you have done that you can go back on world 1 and it will be there does anyone understand that?

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Q: How do you unlock the super secret level in Super Mario World?
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How do you unlock special in super Mario Mario advance 2?

Find the secret exit in Star World 5. To do this, you will need to have found all Switch palaces.

Is there a secret world on super Mario ds?

yes there is

How to unlock the place Mario world in super smash bros in 64?

you first have to unlock sonic

How do you unlock rosalina on super Mario 3d world?

Complete World Star-2

How do you unlock world nine on New Super Mario Bros for Wii?

beat and unlock all the other levels. my mom is the Mario master

How do you unlock world 9 on Super Mario Brothers ds?

There's no World 9 on New Super Mario Bros. for DS. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, World 9 is unlocked after you rescue Princess Peach.

Is there a secret world 9 in new Super Mario Brothers?

yes :]

How do you get to the cannon in new Super Mario Bros?

You have to get the secret exit's in every world and the secret worlds

How do you unlock world 3 b in Super Mario Brothers?

There's no such thing!

How do you unlock the cannon outside the castle in super Mario 64ds?

it is not stars it is a world

How do you unlock course 7 from world 8 in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

There is a secret passage on World 8-2. On one of the wheels that go backwards, the wall behind it is fake.

What is the name of the last Bowser level in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

After you complete world 5 you will unlock a secret world,world 6.The last galaxy in that world is a surprise I won't tell. :)