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There will be a snail and a hole in each level. Kick the snail into the holes.

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Q: How do you unlock different colors in fancy pants 2?
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How do you unlock Fancy Pants in Newgrounds Rumble?

Fancy pants is not a unlockable character he will be added in 1.31 or 1.55

What is fancy pants?

its a game for the computer in which you collect squiggles and defeat an angry penguin. In fancy pants 2 you attempt to get a snail shell in a hole in a golf type way to get different colors of pants(optional) and you get back an ice cream that a rabbit stole from you. In Fancy Pants 3 you save your sister, Cutie Pants, from pirates with a pencil(when you find it) as a sword.

Fancy pants adventure world 2 how to unlocked colors?

you don't

What do the colors of the pants in fancy pants mean?

Nothing, it's just another way of personalizing the game.

How do you turn into cutie pants on fancy pants game?

Go to the colors section when you finish the whole game

How do you get the colored pants on fancy pants adventure 2?

go to the option, then you will see colors then jump on one to change color of your pants

What is the candle on fancy pants 2?

if u have all the pants colors and trophies, than it lights up as you run past. after that, I'm not sure.

Is fancy pants for the Wii?

You can get a Fancy Pants game for the Wii.

How do you unlock pirate princess's room on fancy pants?

Go on YouTube and find out or on the internet because I do not know sorry!

What other games are like fancy pants?

fancy pants 2.

When did Fancy Pants Adventures happen?

Fancy Pants Adventures happened in 2008.

When was Fancy Pants - album - created?

Fancy Pants - album - was created in 1983.