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go to the option, then you will see colors then jump on one to change color of your pants

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Q: How do you get the colored pants on fancy pants adventure 2?
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How do you get the rainbow pants on Fancy Pants adventure 2?

There is no rainbow colored pants on Fancy Pants Adventure 2. But maybe there will be in adventure 3!

Fancy pants adventure world 2 how to unlocked colors?

you don't

Why did it say in fancy pants 2 there would be a world 2?

because there is a second adventure

How do you kill spiders in Fancy Pants Adventure 2?

stomp on it then kick it away.

How do you get colours on Fancy Pants Adventure 2?

you need to get the shells into the golf hole.

The fancy pants adventure world 2 cheats?

I've never heard of cheats in fancy pants. Use your own power fingers and beat 'em up!!

Will there be a fancy pants adventure world 3 and if so when will it come out?

Fancy Pants Adventure world 3 is out now! :D Sadly, You can only play it on Ps3, Xbox 360, And IPod/IPhone. If you own a Ipod/IPhone, You can buy it for like $2 if that's within your budget.

What other games are like fancy pants?

fancy pants 2.

How do you crack the snails shell in fancy pants adventure 2?

You can't and you're not supposed to. You're supposed to kick them into the holes with the little flags to get more different coloured pants!

What games has Brad Borne made?

Fancy Pants Adventure 1 and 2 and Nucelar Eagle. His characters pop up everywhere on Newgrounds...

What does the candle in fancy pants adventure 2 mean?

Nothing. It's a play on the nursery rhyme where jack jumps over the candle. (i think)

Do the pants have powers in fancy pants 2?