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if u have all the pants colors and trophies,

than it lights up as you run past.

after that, I'm not sure.

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Q: What is the candle on fancy pants 2?
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What does the candle in fancy pants adventure 2 mean?

Nothing. It's a play on the nursery rhyme where jack jumps over the candle. (i think)

What other games are like fancy pants?

fancy pants 2.

How do you get the rainbow pants on Fancy Pants adventure 2?

There is no rainbow colored pants on Fancy Pants Adventure 2. But maybe there will be in adventure 3!

Do the pants have powers in fancy pants 2?


What powers do pants have in fancy pants 2?

In Fancy Pants 2, the Pants have no power. They just look good on your character. Well, I don't have all the pants so I'm not an expert.

How do you get world 2 in fancy pants?

It would be wise to type in "Fancy Pants 2 Walkthrough" on google or youtube ;D

Is fancy pants for playstation 2?

The Fancy Pants Adventures will be out soon for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only

On fancy pants two where are the holes?

Fancy Pants 2 has a lot of what has been called 'snail golfing.' Look for the poles with pants attached. If the snail gets kicked into a hole that has a pole with pants, Fancy Pants' color will change.

Where to find 2 Player Fancy Pants?

Try I'm not sure if they have two player but I know that they have Fancy Pants.

How do you jump in fancy pants 2?

It's the same as Fancy Pants world 1 you use the letter "S" on your keyboard

Are there any cheats for fancy pants 2?

No there are not. Sorry

Cheats fancy pants worls 2?

There are no cheats for it.....