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U have to hav a shaymin from pearl diamond or plantiumn and u go to GoldenRod city and go to the flower shop which is where u get the squirtbottle and right when u get in u a girl randomly talks to to u and gives u the acredia flower which the key item u use to get sky forme remember hav shaymin 1st on your party

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Q: How do you turn shaymin into sky form in soul silver?
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How do you turn shaymin into his sky form in Pokemon diamond?

in soul silver and hart gold go to goldernrod city go to the flower shop and have shaymin as your lead Pokemon and walk trough so shaymin apears out of the pokeball and the first person tells you it so cute it shaymin and then he gives you the gracidea flower then you can change it into sky form. from Little B

How do you make shaymin into flying form?

You have to get the Gracidea flower from the person in the flower shop in your game(it doesnt matter what game you have) then between the times 5am and 8pm you can turn Shaymin into its sky form. you can do this as many times as you want and turn Shaymin back to its land form.

In Pokemon explorers of sky how does shaymin turn into sky forme?

A Shaymin in Shaymin Village gives you a Gracidea. Use that while in a dungeon and he will change form.

Why wont your garcidea flowers work on your shaymin?

That Is A Stupid Glitch If This Happens You CAN NOT Get Shaymin "sky form" :( unless your using it during the night time then its just that shaymin cant turn into its sky form at night

How do you get shaymin sky form on pokemon pearl?

By tweaking you can access the Flower Paradise. You can catch Shaymin here. After catching it, Fly to Floaroma Town. A woman there will give you Gardenia Flowers giving these to Shaymin will turn it into a Sky Form.

In Pokemon platinum you got shaymin and you made it sky form you saved and when you turn the game back on shaymin is regular and the flower does not work what do you do?

Shaymin reverts to its normal form at night. Wait until the day to make it sky forme again

Why wont your shaymin turn into flying form on Pokemon platinum?

Is it the shaymin from the glitch or the shaymin from the event because only the event shaymin turns into sky shaymin. Also, did you get the flower from the one girl standing outside in floroma town? because you use it to switch forms.

How do you turn Deoxys into speed mode in soul silver?


If you get it by action replay on platinum can shaymin turn in to sky form?

it depends on if the action replay makes you shaymin's original trainer i think you also have to have leagally fought shaymin at the spring path (so you can get the flower)

Does the gracidea flower work on any shaymin?

Fortunately yes it does, only if you have the gracidea flower, unfortunately shaymin can only be turned into sky form in the day so you shaymin will automatically turn back in to land form at night. Understand, i hope i helped you alot

Is there a specific time to turn shaymin to sky form?

no you just give it a flower from someone in floroma town dont let it freeze or it will turn to land form

Pokemon Black and white secret gracidea flower?

Have you Pokemon fans been wondering how to get a gracidea flower on Pokemon black & white? Well i know how! First you must have a shaymin that CAN turn into sky-form. Next go into the Pokemon center at Lacunosa Town. If you see to the left, there is a girl next to a shelf of books. She has lots of gracidea flowers. You must have your shaymin that can turn into sky-form to get it but in your party Pokemon. Next talk to her. She will talk about your shaymin. Then she will hand you the gracidea flower. Then you have it the shaymin can't be hacked or it won't work. (Any regular shaymin that was not received by cheats should be able to turn into sky-form)