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There has been a request for this feature, but this request has yet to be answered. As this is a feature that is a common request, it would seem that the structure of plugins and mods does not allow this.

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Q: How do you turn off the pixelmon mod in minecraft?
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How do you turn the toomanyitems minecraft mod on and off?

The button "O".

Can you turn off minecraft mods?

On a mod called TooManyItems, there is a key stroke where you can turn off mod loader. Most of the time it all leads up to the mod itself. Look at the help files if included to see if their is an off button

Why does your inventory say modloader off for plane mod on minecraft?

In some mods there is a key stroke to turn it on and off. Or it's out of date and won't work in that mod now.

Where can you download Minecraft mcdungeon mod?

you can get most minecraft mods off the minecraft mods website, or you can google.

How do you turn mods on and off?

You can sometimes turn options on and off in a mod but the only way usually to turn the whole mod off is to un-install it.

Why won't chests on minecraft alpha 1.2.4 open?

The "too many items" mod jacks up chests. Turn it off, or accept the limitation.

Does Minecraft have a virus on it?

not if you download it off the minecraft site. you can get mods for it but they can be a virus if its fake, but the chance of that is slim, and theres no chance that you can get a virus off a mod on the minecraft mods website.

How do you turn off fly in minecraft?

Press T and type /fly in mutiplayer. Note that this will only work if you are a mod and there is a flying mod installed. In single player, double press space to fly. Press shift to descend and space to go higher.

Does Minecraft have lasers?

Not in the original non modded (vanilla) game. There may be a "mod" you can download off the internet that has one.

How do you turn off the rain on Minecraft?

You can only turn off the rain if cheats are enabled. If they are, the command is /toggledownfall

Can toomanyitems minecraft mod be turned off for specific worlds?

No, it can't be completely turned off. However, pressing the 'o' key opens and closes the tab at the side. The only way to disable it is to remove the mod.

How do you turn off the tnt explosions in minecraft?

/gamerule mobGriefing false