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Press T and type /fly in mutiplayer. Note that this will only work if you are a mod and there is a flying mod installed.

In single player, double press space to fly. Press shift to descend and space to go higher.

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Q: How do you turn off fly in minecraft?
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How do you turn off fly in minecraft on mac?

You change your game mode to survival or adventure

How do you noclip in Minecraft servers?

To be in noclip in Minecraft, you will need to turn on your fly mode, and press the button that you set it on. Except some severs have some blocking thing that can block you from using fly mode.

How do you turn off the rain on Minecraft?

You can only turn off the rain if cheats are enabled. If they are, the command is /toggledownfall

How do you turn the toomanyitems minecraft mod on and off?

The button "O".

How do you fly on Minecraft for xbox?

First off you must be updated to the latest version of Minecraft Xbox Edition, then you go to your world and under Gamemode change it to creative, then you can double tap A to fly.

How do you turn off the tnt explosions in minecraft?

/gamerule mobGriefing false

How do you download minecraft through a firewall?

turn off the firewall is all you can do.

How do you turn off your inventory in minecraft?

You press E or Escape on the keyboard.

How do you turn off block breaking in minecraft?

/gamemode a

How do you turn off the timer in minecraft PC GAMER demo?

You can't turn off the timer since it's a demo game.

How do you turn chat off on multiplayer Minecraft PE?

To turn off chat in Minecraft multiplayer you can type /ch off in the chat box. This will disable the chat feature for you and you will not see any messages including join messages as well as private messages.

Can you turn weather off in minecraft because snow is ruining my worlds?

No but is you get Optifine you can