How do you triforce on 4chan?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you need to enter alt-codes specific instructions would be;
1.hold the alt key 2-5-5 on the NUMBER PAD
3.release the alt key
4.hold the alt key 2-5-5 on the NUMBER PAD
6.release the alt key
7.hold the alt key 3-0 on the NUMBER PAD
9.release th alt key enter
11.hold the alt key 3-0 on the NUMBER PAD
13. release the alt key
14.hold the alt key 2-5-5 on the NUMBER PAD
16.release the alt key
17.hold the alt key 3-0 on the NUMBER PAD
19.release the alt key
20. success you have now triforced, remember and put NOKO in the email field to make sure you return to the thread you were on.

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Q: How do you triforce on 4chan?
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