How do you tell if your R4 is fake?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If its make in China. Or if your box of the R4 doesn't have any Japanese writing it is fake.

Not everything made in China is fake. And there are many producers of the R4.
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Q: How do you tell if your R4 is fake?
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How do you know if your R4 card for ds is fake your ds broke but I'm unsure if its to do with this got it sorted and dnt want to put r4 in again if its fake?

look here at link as pictures of fake and real

Where can you buy R4 DSi flashcard in Perth?

The R4 cards don't excist anymore, Nintendo banned them from around the world. the R4's you can find now are fake and have even more chance to wreck your DS(i).

Why your r4 say cant support after you have download the ds menu dat?

It's possibly a fake. Genuine R4 cartridges haven't been made since 2007.

What is the difference between a real and fake r4 card for ds?

hi my name in is ...... aka kayos so that's me if you see me anywere else the difrences is real works properly and fake one dosen"t. If you buy an r4 first of all check were is made if is made in china, singapoor or Spain is fake becoause that's were the make the fake r4s. thank you for reading my statement

Work on the how do the cheats on the r4?

go on to and on their is should tell you how.

What does a real R4 look like?

The related link is how the White R4 looks like, the image being from the R4DS website. The black R4DS has only the colour changed, with no extra letters or pictures on the label. Also, the newest versions of the R4DS firmware won't work on fake versions of the R4.

How can you tell a jewel is fake or not?

It's fake!

Is a white r4ds fake?

No, when the R4's were first produced, they came with both a white and a black shell. Then they started shipping the colors separately. (You choose either white or black at the time of purchase.) Now, the 2nd generation R4's have been released, and they only come in black. I bought my R4 about 2 years ago, and it is white. (Still working great by the way!) So in summary, if you see a white R4DS, it is not necessarily fake, it is just an older model.

Where can you buy a r4 in Toronto?

2 words "Pacific Mall" some people say they are fake and advertise a site that has "real ones" but i got one from one of the sites and guess what it was fake so i got one from Pacific Mall and it worked and still works today but i had to update to wood r4 for Pokemon black/white James Camerons Avatar and so on

How do you tell fake true religions?

Ima tell you dis if it dnt got the flag they fake

What transmission does the 91 roadmaster have?

700 R4, the better way to tell is when the down shift cable is no longer present the transmission shifting is computer controlled 4L60E which is a more complex (computer controlled) version of the 700 R4. I looked at a 92 today and it had a 700 R4.

Can you get more than 2gb for r4 card?

not for the original r4 but if you have the r4 ultra or r4 sdhc or some other r4s then yes