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have the hm in your bag

visit the Pokemon in its friend area

go to bag, find the hm

click use

and itll say on who

the pokemons name will appear

then teach like on any other game

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Q: How do you teach surf to a Pokemon on mystery dungeon?
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Which Pokemon can learn surf on Pokemon Mystery Blue dungeon?

Any water pokemon. Goldeen, Barboach (etc.)

Why can't any Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of darkness learn a hm?

I have a Lapras with surf.

Where do you find the hm for surf in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

solar cave

Where do you find surf on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

I believe it is in Solar Cave...

How do you get surf in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue team?

1. get a water type Pokemon 2. go to solar cave 20th floor is where surf is

Where is Chimecho in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

In Pokemon Mystery blue Dungeon, after you beat Rayquaza, you should be able to go to a dungeon called solar cave. There you will find the HMS surf, dive, and waterfall. In sublevels 10-20 you should find a few Chimechos. I have one Chimecho

In Pokemon mystery dungeon time what do you use surf for?

You use surf to access certain dungeons that are located in the ocean. You can also use it in battle to hit Pokemon using dive for double damage.

How do you get surf on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Either use a key in solar cave or when lombre speaks of stormy sea, speak to whishcash

Swawnpert will not forget surf. How do you make Pokemon forget an HM if it is refusing to forget?

Pokemon cannot forget HM's unless they're in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. But, if its from Emerald, add another Pokemon to your party that knows surf and ask the move deleter.

How do you get a surf pokemon?

Well, you get a water pokemon. Then, teach it Surf. >_>

How do you get Lightning Field on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

You beat Entei in Fiery Field. NOTE: You'll need Surf.

How do you get lightening field in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

you have to get hm surf and then a spinda will apear then you can go to firey fields then beat that then you can go to lightning fields