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you cant

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Q: How do you teach Empoleon ice blade?
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What level does Empoleon learn aqua blade?

Empoleon cannot learn the move Aqua Blade. This is primarily due to there being no move called Aqua Blade currently in Pokemon.

What level does Empoleon learn ice beam?

The only way Empoleon can learn Ice Beam is to buy the Tm from the Veilstone Game Corner

Can Empoleon learn ice fang in platinum?

No, Empoleon cannot learn Ice Fang by any means in Platinum. It can, however, learn Ice Beam, Blizzard, and Avalanche by TM.

When does Empoleon learn hydro cannon?

you have to have the move tutor teach it

Can you teach Empoleon earthquake?

yes you can but only as a tm earthquake

Should you use milotic or empoleon?

Milotic, if it knows some decent ice and water type moves. Empoleon if it doesn't

Should you teach Empoleon shadow claw?

no because it already has good moves

What are the best moves to teach empoleon?

Empoleon is very sluggish. It's attack stat and other stats are decent. It might survive groung and fight type moves from most Pokemon. So a good move to teach it is ice beam. You can take down many dragon and flying type Pokemon with this. Hydro pump/ hydro canon can do a large amount of damage. Flash canon makes use of empoleon's good special attack. Earthquake takes down steel type Pokemon.

What are some good Pokemon to teach surf in Pokemon Black and White?

Milotic, Empoleon or Vaporeon.

I need a good Pokemon diamond league team with Empoleon?

Yes, Empolen is a great Pokemon because of it's water/steel combo. Teach it ice beam or Blizzard and have it hold an icicle plate. Hope it helped

How do you say ice blade in Japanese?

'Ice blade' would be ??? (koori no katana) in Japanese.

Which Pokemon is better Infernape or Empolean?

empoleon, because empoleon is a water type and steel type, it can do flying types and ice types,empoleon can beat infernape with water and flying type moves.empoleon can beat torterra with flying,ice, and water type moves