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via TM01 Focus Punch which can be won if you beat Chuck

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Q: How do you teach Breloom focus punch in Heart Gold?
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In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl should i teach focus punch and substitute to my ambipom?

I think you should teach substitude to your ambipom Why not focus punch?

How do you teach breloom giga drian?

There is a TM giga drain all you have to is use it on breloom to teach it the move.

What moves should you teach blazkien?

Blaze kick, Overheat, in emerald dynamic punch if not focus punch, and return.

How can you teach a Pokemon focus punch platinum?

You have to beat Mindy in the Forbidden Forest

At what level does Scizor learn Bullet Punch?

you have to get the move tutor to teach it to him by giving him a heart scale.

Does slaking learn focuspunch?

It can however its absolutely pointless to teach because of its ability Traunt so if you teach it skill swap as well then teaching it focus punch will be more in use.

How can your Weavile learn Ice Punch?

The way a Weavile can learn Ice Punch is probably if you teach it. Ice Punch isn't a TM so you have to go to Pastoria City and talk to the Move Teacher guy. You have to give him a heart scale in return( you can find heart scales underground).

Where do you teach Pokemon dynamic punch in platinum?

There are move tutors in certain versions that will teach Pokemon Thunder Punch.

How do you beat primal Dialga with a turtwig and a rioulu?

if u hav focus punch teach it to riolu i beat primal dialgla on my 1st try wit it hopes this helps

Should you leave your darmanitan with fire punch or teach it flamethrower?

fire punch

How do you teach your machamp ice punch fire punch and cross chop?

In x and y

What is the best moves to teach Dragonite?

the best moves are: outrage hyper beam focus punch thunder/thunderbolt Keep thunder, Hyper Beam, but change outrage to Draco Meteor, and change focus punch to dragon Rush i pretty much defeated the entire Elite Four with Using my Dragonite using these moves. Good Luck☺