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There is a TM giga drain all you have to is use it on breloom to teach it the move.

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Q: How do you teach breloom giga drian?
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What is the best moveset for a Breloom?

Breloom is purely physical, as you know. Do not waste your Breloom with any attacks that use the Special Attack stat.I gave mine Sky Uppercut, Seedbomb and Rockslide. Rockslide is important to him to deal with flying, fire and ice types which are a big threat to him.Grass Knot, Giga Impact and Stone Edge are also good ways to go.

When does electabuzz learn giga impact?

He doesn't, you either have to evolve him into Electivire and level him up or teach him Giga Impact via tm

How do you teach Breloom focus punch in Heart Gold?

via TM01 Focus Punch which can be won if you beat Chuck

When was Drian Francisco born?

Drian Francisco was born on 1982-11-10.

Does the Pokemon breloom evolve?

no, breloom doesnt evolve. shroomish evolves in to breloom but that's it

When does breloom evolve?

Breloom doesn't evolve.

When was Jean-Yves Le Drian born?

Jean-Yves Le Drian was born in 1947.

Does breloom evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Breloom is the last evolution. It does not evolve further.

How do you teach breloom false swipe through egg moves?

If both parents have the same set of moves, the eggs inherit the first two.

Who is Better Breloom or Victreebel?

breloom because its a better fighter!

Can Snorlax learn giga impact?

Imran: Yes Snorlax can learn giga impact. When I caught the Snorlax Lvl50 that was sleeping in front of Digletts Cave it knew Giga Impact in Pokemon Heartgold and Soul Silver. I do not know about other pokemon games in which you can catch Snorlax that they would know Giga Impact or not. But of course you can teach Snorlax Giga Impact with a TM. So, yes Snorlax can learn Giga Impact.

Rate this out of 10 lvl 100 Sceptile with leafblade frenzyplant night slash and giga drian?

if your Pokemon only knows those moves,it isn't too bad,i recomend teaching it solarbeam. on a scale of one to ten, sceptile is a seven.