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you keepon going up the stairs and ladders in thelighthouse

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Q: How do you talk to jasmine in the lighthouse?
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Where get the medicine for jasmine in HeartGold?

find a way to them talk to jasmine get out of the lighthouse go back to cianwood city and go to the pharmacy talk to the guy and he will give you the medicine

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon HeartGold?

talk to jasmine in the lighthouse at olivine city and then go to cianwood and talk to the pharmasist

What do you do in glitter lighthouse in Pokemon soulsliver?

if you mean the olivine lighthouse you have to beat all the trainers to get to the top, talk to jasmine, go to cianwood to get the secret potion then surf back then give it to jasmine then the Pokemon will be fine then you can defeat chuck or do jasmine your choice i did chuck first cause he is really easy!!!

Where to go after defeating mahogany gym leader?

goto olivine city and talk to jasmine in the lighthouse then to cianwood to get the mediciine

How do you get jasmine into her gym in Pokemon Silver?

You have to surf to cianwood, which is south of Olivine, and get the medicine in one of the houses there! Then go to the lighthouse and talk to Jasmine, and voila! Go get that biddys badge!

Where is the injured Pokemon in Pokemon Gold?

In the Lighthouse near the sea. Go to the last floor and talk to Jasmine the Gym Leader of that town

Why won't the pharmacist give me the SecretPotion?

Talk to Jasmine in Olivine Lighthouse first, and make sure you say 'Yes' when he asks if it is an emergency.

Where is the lighthouse in Pokemon Gold?

The lighthouse is in Olivine City, where the gym leader Jasmine is.

How do you open the door to get to Jasmine?

once u are in the lighthouse take the stairs to the top until u reach a dead end where there is the light on the right go through and go to the top and talk to jasmine

What if you can't get secretpotion in Cianwood City?

u go to the pharmacy and talk to the guy da

What do you do after beating chuck on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go to the pharmacy and talk to the guy inside. He will give you a potion to heal the Ampherous inside the lighthouse. Go to the top and give the potion to Jasmine. Then you go to the gym and verse Jasmine

What kind of medicine do you need to save amphy in Pokemon heartgolden in olivine?

You need the SecretPotion, which you get from the pharmacy in Cianwood City. You have to talk to Jasmine in the Lighthouse first before you get the SecretPotion.