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once u are in the lighthouse take the stairs to the top until u reach a dead end where there is the light on the right go through and go to the top and talk to jasmine

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Q: How do you open the door to get to Jasmine?
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How go you get the door open in the light house in Pokemon soul silver?

go up the stairs until you get to the top then talk to jasmine

How do you get in the door to where the sick is Pokemon in soulsilver game?

Well, you have to go through the entire lighthouse. Then you'll be inside of the door where Ampharos and Jasmine are. Then Jasmine'll just open the door and tell you to go to Cianwood City and come back with medicine.

How do you open the steel door in heart gold and soul silver?

You don't. At the furthest you can get in the Lighthouse, there is a window you can walk out of. Walk out of the window, pick up the Rare Candy, and enter through the door. Eventually you will be in that space where Jasmine is. Talk to her and she'll unlock the door for you.

How do you get the door open to talk to Jasmine so she can tell you to get the SecretPotion in Olivine City in Soul Silver?

you can't right away. you have to climb ladders to get to her then she unlocks the door (after talking to her) you leave to olivine city when you come back the doors will still be unlocked

How do i open the door in ariant?

what door?! open seasame

How do you battle the seventh gym leader on Pokemon soul silver?

there will be a secret door at olivines lighthouse and it will take you to jasmine then go back to the gym then jasmine will battle you

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How do you pass the door to get to jasmine on Pokemon heartgold?

you have to take the stairs all the way to her instead of the elevator