How do you take exam in edgeville on runescape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the room where all the creatures are in (classroom) you hav 2 sit an exam in there 2 be able 2 unlock the safety first shield emote

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Q: How do you take exam in edgeville on runescape?
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Where is the loadstone in edgeville on RuneScape?

The lodestone is North-West of the edgeville bank, next to the wilderness wall.

Where is mandirith in RuneScape?

In the Edgeville bank, on BH worlds.

How do you unlock the music track dangerous in runescape Please don't say north of edgeville be specific?

north of edgeville

Where is king nomad on RuneScape?

Well, there is a Nomad on Runescape. He's at Soul Wars, south-west of Edgeville.

Where can you find monks in runescape?

Monks can be found at the monastery west of Edgeville.

Where to find evil dave's lair in runescape?

The basement of a house in Edgeville.

Where is edgeville in runescape?

It's towards the bottom of edgeville, also if you have the key, there's a shack to the west of Varrock with an entrance to the hill giants.

Where you get safety glove in runescape?

go and find the stronghold of safety north of edgeville

How do you use edgeville furnace runescape?

you need to get varrock armour and you also have to be a member

Where is the best place for a lvl 65 free player to train in runescape?

Edgeville dungeon

Where can you kill hill giants on runescape?

just go to the dungeon in edgeville they are right after the hobgoblins

Runescape which monsters drops diamonds f2p?

The King roach in the Stronghold of Saftey in Edgeville.