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Sync, like to connect a wireless guitar to the system? There's a small button at the bottom of it, near the nub for the guitar strap. Hold that in, and hold in the small button next to the memory card slot on the xbox till they sync up.

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Q: How do you sync guitar for Guitar Hero?
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How do you sync guitar for Guitar Hero 3 for xbox 360?

you press the sync button on the wireless guitar and on the xbox 360

Where is the syn button on the Guitar Hero guitar?

on a ps3 is a little nobble that sticks out and the sync is in the middle of that

How do you make a Guitar Hero three guitar work with rock band on Xbox 360?

Just turn on the Guitar Guitar Hero III Les paul work with Rock Band perfectly. WELL YOU HAVE TO SYNC THE GUITARBY HOLDING IN THE SYNC BUTTON ON GUITAR AND PRESSING IT ON THE XBOX ALSO yes bill!

How do you setup and sync guitar hero drums to ps3?

you cant

Where do you put the mic in Guitar Hero for wii?

The Guitar Hero Mic for Wii is more of a controller itself. You need to sync it with your Wii as if it was a controller.

How do you sync the Guitar Hero for Playstation 2?


How do you synchronize the guitar for Guitar Hero?

just like a controller there should be a tiny sync button where you plug in your mic press it then press the button on your system and it should sync

What is the list of guitar heroes'?

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What are the names of all the Guitar Hero games?

Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero Rock the 80s, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Van Halen

What guitar hero is guitar hero arcade?

Guitar Hero III (Guitar Hero 3)

How do you turn on PS3 guitar for Guitar Hero world tour?

Its quite simple turn the PS3 and sync it with the PS3 and then its connected with the PS3

Can you use PS2 guitar that came with Guitar Hero with Guitar Hero 3 game?

You can use any guitar hero guitar with any guitar hero.