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you make freinds with the other people and ask them to join your tribe

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Q: How do you switch sims on The Sims 2 cast away?
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What is better the urbz sims or sims 2 cast away?

Cast away its way better

How do you make sims nude in sims cast away for ps2?

You cannot make a sim nude in Sims Castaway.

In sims cast away what can The Sims do when they are married?

Well, the sims can buy there own house (move out on there own), enjoy there romance, and ofcourse if your talking about the sims castaway for the computer then they can have kids and raise them.

What animals are on Sims 2 castaway for wii?


Were can you get a the sims 2 cast away for 5 dollars?

at movie gallery

How do you get the crown on Sims 2 Cast Away?

it's behind the throne

How do you switch sims on sims 2 pets for wii?

hold b back of wii remote use control pad left and right to switch sim

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sims Vacation - 2002?

The cast of The Sims Vacation - 2002 includes: Donna Le Tourneau as Sims Voice

ON Sims 2 Castaway on Wii where is the skull rock?

If you mean My Sims 2 Cast Away, then it's found on airplane island. Go to the cave there and climb up a rocky ramp. Then, beside the exit you come out of, on the left side is a rock shaped and carved like a skull. Beside the skull on the left is also a hieroglyphic piece. My Sims Cast Away the first; never heard of it. Hope you meant My Sims 2 Cast Away, good luck and have fun!

How do you get abtucted by aliens on The Sims 2 Castaway?

I'm not to sure about cast away but in Sims 2 you just stargaze with the telescope and that's how but for castaway I'm not sure maybe it's the same way?

Will The Sims have babies in The Sims 3 for ps2?

The Sims 3 was not even released for the PS2 Well there will certainly be improvements in The Sims 3, so I'm sure they won't take away such a fundamental feature.

You have two sims in your family on the soms 2 pets p2s how do you switch between the sims to play them?

I know that with Sims 3 you can just click on the icon to the left of the screen that has their picture or Spacebar.