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You cannot make a sim nude in Sims Castaway.

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Q: How do you make sims nude in sims cast away for ps2?
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How do you make your sims nude no blur?

Check out mod the sims

How do you make sims nude on sims castaway for PC?

Use a mod!

How do you make your sim nude in Sims 3?

i guess you could do that in the sims1 but you can't make your sim nude in the sims3.

How do you make sims unblurred on Sims 3?

You can buy the nude mod or you can find it in the sims 3 exchange.

What is better the urbz sims or sims 2 cast away?

Cast away its way better

How do you switch sims on The Sims 2 cast away?

you make freinds with the other people and ask them to join your tribe

How do you see sims nude on The Sims 2 PC?

give then a bath! You can download something to take away censor. But there is a cheat too. But dowloading something might take away all the kid stuff and make it for adult kinda stuff.

How do you get your sims fully nude on sims 2 for PC?

you gotta make them fully out going, and then just make them go into a hot tub. :P

How do you make a sims 3 nude?

u cant apart from being electrocuted

Is ther a way to keep The Sims nude is sims 3?

i added a link that will bring you to a download. just download the patch and your sims will nude.

Can you be nude in sims 2?

if you have sims 2 university, you can strip and run around. Its funny. And when you take a shower or bath you are nude. . . :)

How do you make The Sims fully nude on The Sims 2 psp?

you cannot actually do that. it always just has a blur. i have even beat the game with NO cheats!!!