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the sims the sims house party the simss vacation the sims unleashed the sims livin large the sims hotdate the sims makin magic the sims super star

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Q: Which sims games are in The Sims complete collection?
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What is the PC game which has all the sims 1 games on one disk?

i think its the sims complete collection

Do sims have babys on The Sims complete collection?

Both The Sims 1 and The Sims 2 allow you to have babies. The Sims Complete Collection just means that you have The Sims 1 and all the Sims 1 expansions. The only difference insofar as babies between the two is that in Sims 1 they can't grow up.

How do you get the sims complete collection?

Buy it.

Grow up sim child on sims complete collection?

In the Sims 1, sims don't grow up. Sorry =\

Can The Sims have two babies on sims complete collection?

Yes, but they must kiss 18 times

You cannot download the sims complete collection?


Can you play the original sims complete collection on a windows 7 laptop?

Yes you can play Sims on window7 laptop.

Can kids ever grow up in sims complete collection?


How many discs are in The Sims Complete Collection?

There is usually four.

Will they make a sims 3 complete collection and should you wait for it?

The original Sims series had a complete collection, but the Sims 2 did not. The original Sims had 7 expansion packs, and the Sims 2 had 8 (I think), so you might be waiting for another 2 or 3 expansion packs to come out first. The complete collection would probably be released a few months before the Sims 4 (assuming they make a Sims 4). You might be waiting another 2 or 3 years before a complete collection is released, and even then there is no telling if there will be one. To answer your question, if you're not too bothered about waiting then wait (there might be price drops at least).

How do you adopt a fully grown child on Sims Complete Collection?

you just do

Are there any cheats for having twins in Sims complete collection?