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no, The Sims 3 and the sims medieval are completely separate games :)

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Q: Do you need The Sims 3 to play The Sims Medieval on PC?
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What game systems are for sims medieval?

The Sims Medieval is only available on the PC

Do you need the original sims to play sims 2 or Sims 3 on the PC?

Yes you need the original Sims 2 and Sims 3 to play these games.

When Does The sims medieval come out for Mac?

The Sims Medieval is for PC and MAc. So, it is already out.

Do you need any of the other sims game to play the sims 3 on you're PC?


Do you have to buy Sims 2 to play Sims 2 family fun stuff?

Yes you do, you need it to play on any of the sims 2 PC games

Will Sims 2 university for PC play on Sims 2 Deluxe for PC?


Can Sims die in Sims free play?

if its sims on the pc then yes

Do you need the disk to play sim's 2 on the PC?

yes you cant play sims 2 without CD

Do you need the Sims 3 or the Sims 3 pets to play Sims 3 pets expansion pack?

To play any of the Sims games, you MUST have the sims 3 installed. Without The Sims 3, you will not be able to download any other Sims 3 onto your computer or Pc

Why wont sims 2 pets install on your PC?

You can only play sims 2 pets on PC if you have the Sims 2 core game.

Do you need a joystick for sims PC?


Can you play sims 2 life on playstation?

No they are PC versions of the Sims 2