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Yes you can play it with a disk and if you don't want to buy the sims 3 you can download it but if I was you I would buy it because you always get vurus on your pc

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Q: Do you need a disc or a CD to play Sims 3?
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Can i play the sims dulexe if all i have is the second CD?

Nope....You need the second cd.

Can you play the sims 3 without a disc?

Only if you download the data contained on the second disc. If the CD is required for playing the game you will have to use a crack for that CD and a software from which you run the crack, neither of which I believe are entirely legal methods. So I'm guessing the answer for you is no.

Do you need CD to play Sims medieval?

I'm pretty sure you do

Can you install your sims 3 on more than 1 computer?

yes. but every time you wanted to play on a different computer you'd have to move the disc too. You have to have the disc in the cd rom to play

How can you play the Sims 3 with disc but no disc tray on laptop?

if your laptop does not have anyplace to put the CD, then you have to buy an external drive for it. so basically an attachable disk drive in order to play the game.

Can you play games installed on the ps3 with out the CD?

No you can play games that have been downloaded, but the games from disc never are downloaded when they are installed and you need the Blu-Ray Game Disc (not a CD) to play them every time.

How do I get my Sims expansion pack to work with my other sims?

When you insert the CD for the expansion pack it will either tell you to insert the original disc or say nothing. If it says nothing then it means that you do not need the original disc. The Sims 2 saves in your hard drive, not the CD, so all of the previous information stays.

Do you have to have Sims 3 CD to be able to play Sims 3 ambitions CD?

Yes, you need the sims 3 base game to get any expansion pack or stuff pack.

Do you need the sims 2 on your psp to play sims 2 castaway?

No Sims 2 is a CD and Sims 2 castaway has another and even if you have it on your memory card

I forgot My Sims Life Stories at my house and I can't get it to run unless I have the CD?

unfortunately, Sims only runs if you have the CD. even if it is installed on the other computer, you still need the CD to play it. sorry.

Do you need the disk to play sim's 2 on the PC?

yes you cant play sims 2 without CD

How do you play Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for PC without the CD?

You are not able to play this game with the disc. If your disc has been lost or broken, you will need to replace it in order to play again.