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Click up select b.On the main screen.

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Q: How do you start over Pokemon White?
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Can you start Pokemon white over without deleting your other profile?


How do you start over Pokemon white 2?

Just hit new game instead of continue on the start screen

When will Pokemon Black and White start?

Pokemon Black and White will start(or be released) On March 6,2011

What happens if die against n after Pokemon league in white?

if you saved after you lost then you have to start the game over, that happened to me.

What is the best Pokemon team to start with in Pokemon white?


Are they making Pokemon Black and White?

Yes they did make Pokemon Black and Pokemon White it was the start of the 5th Generation of Pokemon and it included new Pokemon.

When can you start to trade Pokemon in black and white?

u can start when you have 2 Pokemon and you learn how to catch them

How do you beat Pokemon league on Pokemon white?

nothing you start again

How come there is no Pokemon in white forest on Pokemon white?

You probably haven't grown it big enough yet. White Forest (and Black City) grow when you connect to someone else, you can get the option to invite people over. When the population reaches certain levels, new pokemon start appearing.

What town you start of in Pokemon white?

ketchum land

Can you start 2 profiles on Pokemon white version?

No, you can not.

Where to find Zekrom in Pokemon black?

you have to trade over wifi or have a friend with Pokemon white and trade. you can only catch it in Pokemon white