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i have know idea but i came to tell u clubpenguin is for 5 year olds

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Q: How do you stand on the sky in Club Penguin?
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How do you get a microphone stand on Club Penguin?

where is the dangerous microphone in club penguin? The answer is in the forest

What does rpf stand for on club penguin?

Robber Penguin Force

What does psa stand for in club penguin?

penguin secret agency

On Club Penguin what does epf stand for?

On Club Penguin EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Penguin Force is Club Penguin's secret agent squad. Answered by the penguin: Jellyfish33

How do you walk on sky of club penguin?

by using cheat

On club penguin why is sensei making the sky orange?

your pretty

What colour is the Club Penguin sky?

blue with white clouds

How do you do you stand in a pathway on Club Penguin?

you can only do this by hacking and if you hack i will ban you plus club penguin doesnt exist

Where do you have to stand to tip the iceburge in Club Penguin?

It does not tip.

What does the CP stand for in New Dehli?

club penguin

How do you buy a food stand on club penguin?

hi I played club penguin for 3 years and im sorry to say you cant buy food from the food stand.

What is a fun game where you have an account Club Penguin or Poptropica?

Poptropica is a stand-alone site linked to Club Penguin and Funbrain. Club Penguin has access to many other different games.