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I Dont know

If you want to find out go to

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Q: How do you sit on an entrance pathway on club penguin?
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How do you sit on club penguin?

Go to the commands button, near the smiley face I think on the bottom near the chat bar, and click on the 3rd one. You can sit diagnol. You can also face straight, backwards, or any other way and click the "S" on your keyboard if you do not wish to sit diagnol. (:

How do you play the drums in Club Penguin?

Take off all your clothes in club penguin and only have the drum sticks onthen danceit should workit worked with meTo play the drums on club penguin you must have the drumsticks. Take all of your clothes and accecories off and just have the drumsticks on, go to the lighthouse and sit behind the drums then push dance under actions and you will be playing the drums.Without anything except the drumsticks on, dance. If you want it to have sound, go to the lighthouse and play it. Where the big set of drums are, dance over there. You can hear yourself playing.You push D! (witch is how you dance but, if you have something like a drum, it will play it instead!)

What cheats and membership?

You can get cheats on club penguin web sites, there are many cheats...You can even get a free membership!!!!!!Go to this website, it is safe!www.hack-cp.piczo.comBest Club penguin site for cheats!and do these directions for cheats alsojust go to this website he has cheats a badge section hes rockhoppers son he even has voting polls didnt work had many rude pics on so dont go to this website!!!!!Penny pasty: you could also visit its my website no hacks safe because i only type glithches and where pins and free items are so you cant get banned for looking on my sit of cheats. where as with other sites you may get banned forever! if my cheats arent quite what you are looking for go to the best cheats website its is very helpful!

How do you sit on a horse in minecraft?

In later updates, you sit on a horse like you sit on a pig if you mean to say " how to RIDE " it then I have no idea how to do that but to sit on a horse, right click on it with a saddle and right click it

How do you trap the monster on Club Penguin?

if u r talking about the mission secret of the fur then u go to the ski lodge and into the fishing area. there will b a shadow of the monster. the monster will say stuff about CP being 2 cold and a candle. go to the pizza parlour and get 1 candle. then go to the lighthouse and get a net from the pile and rope from the boat. join the rope and net together. go back to the ski lodge and go to the back. put the net trap down and it will sling up over the tree. take the candle and put it in the middle of the net. then sit back n wait!

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How can you sit where other penguins are on Club Penguin?

Just go and sit on them!

How do you sit backwards on club penguin?

press the up key

Club Penguin how do you view the Club Penguin blue book?

you must get a club penguin book or go on to and search how do you get a book on club penguin. i have got a book if you sit down with the book you will be reading by the way the blue book is a clothing item

How do you do a side twist on Club Penguin?

You cannot side- twist on Club Penguin. But, if you go to actions, you can dance, wave and, sit in different directions.

Club penguin how do you read the book you unlocked?

You equip it then sit down.

Can you break a door in club penguin?

no you cants but you can do cheats to sit on one

Can you make your penguin fall asleep on club penguin?

You can make him sit down but I don't believe its possible to make a penguin sleep.

How do you make your penguin lie down on Club Penguin?

you can make it sit down by pressing the down arrow key.

Where do you get a Club Penguin book?

in the book room up the stairs from the coffe room the coffe room is in the town on club penguin.

How do you sit in the pathway on club penguin?

You Have to Be A Little Bit Of A Distance From The Path WayThen You Click The Path WayThen Click Your Mail Wait About A Minute (60 Seconds is a minute)Now Open Your Mail After You Have WaitedThen You Just Press Any Arrow Key

How do you walk on the spot on Club Penguin?

You cannot walk on the spot! You can dance or sit though!

What do you do with the laptop on Club Penguin?

If you sit down while holding the laptop, it opens up.