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Take off all your clothes in Club Penguin and only have the drum sticks on
then dance
it should work
it worked with me
To play the drums on club penguin you must have the drumsticks. Take all of your clothes and accecories off and just have the drumsticks on, go to the lighthouse and sit behind the drums then push dance under actions and you will be playing the drums.
Without anything except the drumsticks on, dance. If you want it to have sound, go to the lighthouse and play it. Where the big set of drums are, dance over there. You can hear yourself playing.
You push D! (witch is how you dance but, if you have something like a drum, it will play it instead!)

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Q: How do you play the drums in Club Penguin?
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Where do you get a guitar and how do you play the drums within the lighthouse on Club Penguin?

You can purchase the guitar from the catalog in the Lighthouse. You play the drums by only wearing the drums and dancing.

Is there any way to play the drums without being a member in club penguin?

hahhahhha no

How do you play drums on club penguin?

ONLY and i mean ONLY wear the drums no hair shirts pants face items or anything but drums and then dance

How get drums in cpo?

Lasik Surgery

How do you buy drums on Club Penguin?


Where are the drums on Club Penguin?

easy the lighthouse!

How do you by drumes on club penguin?

You can never buy drums but in some catalouges you can buy drum sticks. When you hold the sticks and are near a drum,dance and you will play drums.

How do you get the drums on Club Penguin?

in the music jam party

How do you play the little red drums that goes around your neck on Club Penguin?

If you are a member you have to buy drumsticks and press D

Club Penguin users?

Club penguin users are the people who play club penguin.

Where is the endless staircase in Club Penguin?

It is near the drums in the lighthouse.

Can you play Club Penguin on a phone?

you cant play club penguin on the phone