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i have no idea- i just teleported myself to underwater & collected the pin there!

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Q: How do you seek the black puffle on puffle rescue club penguin?
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Do you have to be member to play black puffle mission rescue on club penguin?

yes you do have to be a member to play black puffle mission rescue

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue?

Club Penguin's latest game, Puffle Rescue, is at the Underground Mine.

How do you get the golden key on Club Penguin?

at the black puffle rescue at the mine

Hidden lake key on Club Penguin?

go on puffle rescue on the black puffle and follow the squid

Club penguin how do i get in the cave?

on puffle rescue black puffle follow the squid but go on evrey bubble

How do you play puffle rescue on Club Penguin?

go to the mine and u will see a black puffle in a tabl with a phone.

How do you open the locked on the cave on club penguin?

On puffle rescue pick the black puffle .When you get to the level with a squid follow it.

Where is the key to the stuck door on club penguin?

black puffle rescue game.find the door.

In club penguin were is the key to the door in the hidden lake?

You will get the key when you have rescued the black puffle in puffle rescue three times it does not work

Where do you play puffle rescue on club penguin?

It is in the mine.

Where is puffle rescue in Club Penguin?

Inside the mine

How do you get the mine secret door to open in club penguin?

you play puffle rescue on black and follow the octopus shadow [get bubbles for air]