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You will get the key when you have rescued the black puffle in puffle rescue three times it does not work

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Q: In club penguin were is the key to the door in the hidden lake?
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How do you get the key to the door in the hidden lake in club penguin?

you have to be a member to get the key......go to the mine and play puffle rescue with the black puffle.....on level 1 get the puffle and wait will see a squid ..go on the bubbles it produces onto the island ..go through the door in the island.. you will find yourself in a room .then you will spot the key ..pick it up and go to the hidden lake and enter ... you will find the room

How do you open the locked door in the hidden lake in club penguin?

You have to be a member. Go to the mine, and click on the 'Puffle Rescue' game. Click on the black puffle mission. When you see the squid, follow it, and stop yourself from drowning by going over the bubbles when they pop, and it should take you up. When you get to a maze of coral by following the squid, search around, and you'll find a key. Get it, and exit the game. Go to the hidden lake, and the door should now open.

What do you do with the moss key pin?

you open up the door in the hidden lake

How do you the key to the door in the hidden lake on club penguin?

: ) xxxin the first level, u know the shadow underneath u when u get the puffle? well u have to be a member, but u follow the shadow and u should get the key. go on the bubbles that r coming up so u dont drown

Where do you get the key to the hidden lake room on club penguin?

You go to the mine. You then play puffle rescue. Then play the black puffle version. Then you follow the octupus in the first level and find a secret room to get the black key and a key.

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How do you open the door in club penguin in the hidden lake without being a member?

Only members can.

Where is the hidden lake at Club Penguin?

the mine

What is the key for on club penguin?

The Hidden Lake

How do you get the key for the door in the hidden lake in club penguin?

go to the puffele rescue and the type what you just wrote in youtube

Where is the magnet box on club penguin?

it is on the hidden lake in the lake down

Where do you find the hidden lake in club penguin?

In the mine

Where is the wrecked vehicle in Club Penguin?

Hidden Lake.

Where is the second key in club penguin?

in the hidden lake

How do you get a jackhamar on club penguin?

Go to hidden lake.

Where to find the wrecked vehicle in club penguin?

Hidden lake

Where is the dangerous microscope in Club Penguin?

on top of hidden lake

Where is the July 2010 club penguin pin?

at the hidden lake!