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just log off

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Q: How do you save your game on crystal cove online?
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Where can you play Pokemon Crystal online?

There's Vizzed. It can save your game ... but it can't use Cheat Devices.

Can you save Pokemon crystal on Game Boy sp?

Yes you can. I have crystal and a gameboy sp and it saves fine so if you're game is not saving then there's either some thing wrong with your crystal or your sp.

How do you save your game on crystal saga?

when you get to lvl 15 or 18 it auto saves your progress.

Save the game in DC Universe Online?

There is no game save. When you exit the game all the relevent information is saved. There is no need to force a save and no option to do so.

Where can you play Pokemon online and save?

if you go to it auto save the game

In Gmod how do you save the game?

Press esc and go to save game. It's the same as in half-life. I don't think you can save the game when your online if that's what you want to know.

How come your Pokemon crystal game wont save?

if you used the clone cheat on your game you might of corrupted your save file, meaning youll have to buy a new game if you ever want to save it again. theyre cheap on eBay because theyre so old.

How do you transfer Pokemon crystal save game from vba to meboy when i send it to my mobile phone i don't see any save games in resume game option?

Please me on

On your Pokemon crystal game why did it say the saved file was corrupted?

you may have turned of the power while saving. Another reason is because the save battery died. This is most likely if you havn't played the game in a while. i also have experinced this before its probably because crystal is a old game and as he said before the save battery is dying because i own silver and the save file doesnt work.

Where can you play Pokemon Silver online without illegally downloading playing or buying?

Here is one site I know; It has lots of old classic nostalgic games, including Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal You can save by getting a free account, but you can't save in the game. You need to go to this window to the right of the game box it says click the save option and then click save. Hope this helps.

Where can you get poke dolls on crystal?

Only your mom in the game can buy them.Tell her to save your money and she will call you saying she buyed something

What is the best online game programming college?

Westwood College has an awesome Game development program. Save