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There is no game save. When you exit the game all the relevent information is saved. There is no need to force a save and no option to do so.

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Q: Save the game in DC Universe Online?
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What type of game is DC Universe Online?

DC Universe Online is an MMORPG. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. So the game is an online RPG designed to be played with lots of other human players, based upon the DC Comics universe.

How do you save on DC universe online for ps3?

It auto saves all the time. There's no actual save system.

When will the DC universe online game be released?

i think November 1st

When did DC Universe Online happen?

DC Universe Online happened in 2011.

What is DC universe online about?

Dc universe online is a game where you get to create your own superhero or villain and help out iconic heroes or villains in missions.Or you can just explore Metropolis or Gotham.It is also and online mmo.

When was DC Universe Online created?

DC Universe Online was created on 2011-01-11.

Do you have to play online in DC universe online?

Yes you have to be online to play DC universe its an mmo so of course its online only

How do you take a screenshot on DC universe online?

The default key for screenshots in DC Universe Online for PC is the "F9" key. Your screenshots can then be found at Documents\My Games\DC Universe Online\Screenshots

When did DC Universe Roleplaying Game happen?

DC Universe Roleplaying Game happened in 1999.

How do become a premium member to dc universe online?

Spend 5$ or more on in-game content.

Is DC universe for xbox 360?

DC Universe Online is for PC & PlayStation 3.

Does dc universe online come for xbox?

No, this game was made by sony online entertainment and only will be released for ps3 and computers