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It need's full internet connection to play. Why do ya think it's called dc universe online

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Q: Do you need to have online to play dc universe online for ps3?
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Do you have to pay DC Universe online in PS3?

No the PS3 network is free to play games on

Is there non online play for dc universe on ps3?


Do you need a cord for online play on PS3?


Do you need internet in your house to play the PS3 online?

Yup, in order to play online you need internet.

Can dc universe online ps3 two player?

you cannot play local but you can play with other psn users

Do you need a PS3 controller to play dc universe online?

You will need the Game that has not been released and is only expected to be released sometime this year. You will also need a PS3 game console and the game and an online connection before you can play the game. see Gamestop related link The game will also be released for PC on November 9 2010 and you could play the PC version of the game.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 how to play online from PS3?

You need the game in the PS3 to play it online, then it is an option available if you are also able to go online

Do you have to have dsl to play ps3 online?

you need to be connected to internet

Do you need friends to play call of duty online on PS3?


Does your internet need to be on to play ps3 online?

Yes. You can't play online without active internet.

Where can you play tekken online?

by tekken you mean tekken 5 dark resurrection for ps3?? you need a ps3 and have to download the game from the playstation store - you can play this game online

What do you need to do to play your ps3 online using a wireless mobile card?

You have to create a acount online and then you can dl demos and play games online