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No the PS3 network is free to play games on

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Q: Do you have to pay DC Universe online in PS3?
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Is dc universe online free to play on ps3?


Is there non online play for dc universe on ps3?


Is Dc universe online for Ps3?

Yes it is see related link

Is dc universe online for ps2?

No. Only for ps3 or Microsoft windows.

Do you need to have online to play dc universe online for ps3?

It need's full internet connection to play. Why do ya think it's called dc universe online

Do you have to pay every month for legendary in DC Universe Online?

You have to pay upfront

Is DC Universe Online PS3 multiplayer?

Number of Online Players: Massively Multiplayer see related links

When is dc universe online coming out on the playstation store on the ps3?

It was released January 11 2011

Do you have to pay to play Dc Online for PS3?

No, but you must have an online connection, be a PlayStation member, and have the game

Does dc universe online come for xbox?

No, this game was made by sony online entertainment and only will be released for ps3 and computers

Do you have to pay in dc universe online free to play?

No. That's why its free to play.

Can a PC and PS3 connect on DC Universe online?

No because it is not the same platform. DC universe wants to keep the game play fun and balanced, so they are keeping the platforms separate.