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you can't

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Q: How do you save game in strike force heroes?
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How do you save the game on Star Wars the clone wars repbluic heroes?

Go to the pause menu and click save

Save the game in DC Universe Online?

There is no game save. When you exit the game all the relevent information is saved. There is no need to force a save and no option to do so.

How do you save your progress in City of Heroes?

Just log out of the game. Your character's data are automatically saved.

How do you save game in delta force black hawk down?

Press F5 for a quick Save.

What did the Philippine heroes do to save Philippines?

The Filipino Heroes risked their lives just to save the Philippines from invasion.

How do you get Sonic Heroes save?

It should save automatically.

Does force updating minecraft delete the save files?

No, of course not. Force updating only makes the game redownload the game files in the /bin/ folder. Your game saves aren't in that folder.

How do you save igi 2 covert strike game?

Press "I" button in your keyboard during playing and choose "Upload mission to IGI"

How do you save on Elite Penguin Force for DS?

It saves itself after every misson and after every mini game you cannot save by your self.

Who is the cheerleader from heroes?

Hayden Panetierre plays Claire. Save the cheerleader, Save the world.

How do you get through death star level in Star Wars the force unleashed ps2?

Easy all you have to do is when you first start thr game don't use any of your points save them up till the death star level then go upgrade yourself and upgrade your force power to the max then play the death star level and you should beat it but when you get to Darth Vader you need to get him to come to you then when he does strike him and don't stop and when he trys to force push you jump at him and strike until you see the button icon appear. and the same with the Emperor.

Why do people admire heroes?

save people life