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you hold down, x, and L at the same time in the pokewalker screen

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Q: How do you reset a pokewalker profile?
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How do you reset the pokewalker?

you hold down, x, and L at the same time in the pokewalker screen

How do you get a pokewalker from heart gold to work with your soul silver?

You have to reset the pokewalker. then you can register it to the other game

What happens if you reset your pokewalker?

If you reset your pokewalker your Pokemon will go and all your data will be deleted. That includes the steps places and watts. DONT BOTHER DOING IT UNLESS YOUR HAVE STARTED A NEW SAVE AND THERE IS A POKEMON ON THE POKEWALKER WITH A POKEMON ON IT!!!

How do you delete your pokewalker file?

from the main menu in Pokemon soulsilver/heartgold version, select CONNECT TO POKEWALKER and at the next screen hold down on the control pad and the X button then press L. Once you have read CAUTION! and select YES, you'll see the screen to the right, and the pokewalker will connect to the Nintendo DS system. If the reset is successful, your pokewalker will display the screen with a smiling pokewalker with a arrow pointing to the centre button on the pokewalker. press the centre button on the pokewalker to confirm that you want to delete the file on your pokewalker then the profile will be deleted HOPE THIS HELPS! (it will work because it worked on my Nintendo ds)

Does resetting the pokewalker erase your routes For example you reset pokewalker to another Pokemon game but then re-reset it later to the 1st one will the same routes still be on First game?

Resetting the Pokewalker doesn't affect Routes; they are stored on your cart.

How do you reset the pokewalker without restarting the game?

you click on the button on it

How do you restart your pokewalker?

with the game, you must push r+x+left on the pokewalker screen reset it. without the game, i dont know

Pokewalker cannot connect?

There may be a few reasons, but you will probably need to reset your PokeWalker. The instructions are in the instruction booklet that came with the game.

You cant connect white your pokewalker because you started a new game?

To reset the PokeWalker after starting a new game, select 'CONNECT TO POKEWALKER' from the Main Menu on the DS. When you see 'Save, then go for a stroll', press 'L' when holding 'down' and 'x'. Say yes to the caution screen, and it will reset, and you can now connect with the PokeWalker like normal.

How do you set a used poke walker to a new profile?

Take a Pokemon and put in the pokewalker

If you start a new game in heartgold or soulsilver will it reset pokewalker progress as in going back to only having 2 routes?

yea though first you have to reset pokewalker or else its not gonna be compatible when you start a new game.

How do you restart pokeomon?

Yes, you can. You have to do it from your game. In the pokewalker's instruction manual, there is a section on how to reset it with more details. To reset it, hold down X and L on the "connect to pokewalker" screen. It will ask you if you really want to delete your data. After you choose yes, the pokewalker will return to the happy face screen it had when you first opened it. You can now set it up with a new game card, or on the same game card with a new file, or the old file, or whatever else you wan to do. Setup is the same as when you first got it, and the game will retell how to set it up again.