How do you reset Pokemon Black?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to restart you press start a new game

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Q: How do you reset Pokemon Black?
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How do you restart a game on Pokemon Black and White?

Press the reset button.

How do you reset Pokemon White Nintendo ds game?

Well I don't have Pokemon white but I do have Black so they should reset the same all you have to do is press B+select+up on the title screen.Hope I helped.

How do you restart Pokemon black but still have the same Pokemon?

not possible unless you are willing to trade all your pokemon onto another game and trade them back once you have reset the game...

How can you get a shiny Raquayza in Pokemon sapphire?

heres the answer find requaza in the tower once you get to the top. then save, go up to him and battle him- if he is not shiny(black) soft-reset the game. press a+b+start+select to reset the game. then battle him again if he is not black reset again and continue the process until he is black

How do you reset Pokemon black 2?

To delete saved data on Black 2 you need to: On the title screen, press Up, Select and B together.

How do you get shiny Pokémon on Pokémon black?

You can soft reset a few times then you'll get a shiny pokemon if you're lucky.

How do you soft reset in Pokemon dimand?

Soft reset for Pokemon Diamond is R+L+Start+Select.

How do you reset Pokemon white game?

Press B+Up+Select at the Title Screen to reset the Pokemon White game.

How do you get a female Samurott in Pokemon Black 2?

Simply reset the game repeatedly until you get a female starter or breed your starter until you get a female Osawott.

Where is weather Pokemon Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black pokes pokemon if weathered otherwise pokes black

Where do you get thunderous in Pokemon black?

It can not be in Pokemon black but you can get it in Pokemon white.

Where are the contest hall in Pokemon Black?

There is no Contest Hall in Pokemon Black because Pokemon Black does not have Pokemon Contests. Instead of Pokemon Contests, Pokemon Black has Pokemon Musicals. Pokemon Musicals are held in the Pokemon Musical Building in Nimbasa City.