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go to his name and it should say report abuse go to it then hit inappropriate language but then instead of typing what they said say that they were hacking

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Q: How do you report a hacker on PlayStation?
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How did the hacker crash Playstation network?

They shut the network down after learning that it was hacked. The hacker did not crash the network and only looked at and maybe downloaded information

How do you stop a hacker on roblox?

Unfortunately, there is not way to stop an hacker. If he is any good he will have total control over the sever and shutting down the game is the only way to stop him. If you see a hacker report him to Roblox using the report abuse button.

what do you do when some stupid hacker hacked you?

It's obvious report it to the police about the stupid hacker. DUH

What will you do if a hacker enters a computer?

Try and get a hold of their IP. Get their ISP and report them.

Why PlayStation network is not back up?

PS3 online is down because of a hacker!!! You can call PlayStation at 1-800-345-SONY and if you can't do letters, it is 1-800-345-7669!!!! I have already called them and asked them why it is down and they said it is because of a hacker!!!! You can call them and ask them questions!!!!!

Why does the US report says hacker spectator mocker were attributes of same psychology?

Why do you assume that they're not lying

How do you report a hacker on AOL?

If you have the IM open, you can click "report IM spam" which will then give you the option to report the IM and give a reason. If it's an emailed threat, there is a button on the side to "Report Spam" which will give you the same options.

How do you hack claymores on black ops?

Well..You have to get hacker pro and then find the enemy's claymore and hold x for xbox or x or circle for playstation

Who was the hacker behind the PlayStation network hacking?

They never released the name because it was considered a criminal matter and no information is available on any arrests

Why is radiation is a serious threat to the survival of mankind?

search on facebook marwin saguibo hes a hacker please report this

Who is the most dangerous hacker?

That really depends.In my opinion, In terms of the gaming/phone industry, it is 'Geohot' He made the first hack for the 'Playstation 3' and 'iPhone'The playstation 3 was described as 'Unhackable' for 3 straight years.Regards,- Callump01

Is a hack or a crack illegal?

A Hacker is good, he hacks websites to find weaknesses-which he will report (he is a white hat hacker) and a cracker is a malicious user who wants to break into websites for personal gain or to vandalise it (black hat)

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