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you click practice and you start the mission

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Q: How do you replay missions on Club Penguin EPF DS?
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How do you replay missions in club penguin?

you cant replay missions on field ops but u can replay the epf missions, all u have to do is click on the completed missions to replay them

Where is the gadget holder in Club Penguin EPF Club Penguin?


How do you get club penguin EPF medals?

You must beat EPF missions.

What can you do with epf on club penguin after you beat the missions?

you get weekly field missions from the board in EPF HQ

I have completed 71 percent on club penguin but i dont have any more missions or small missions what do i do?

you have to play a multiplayer game with someone with club penguin epf and someone without club penguin epf

What do you do to upload coins club penguin EPF?

you cant but to earn coins for the EPF you have to do missions

On the DS game EPF Club Penguin how man missions are there?

There are 13 missions.

What are missions in club pengein?

Club Penguin has several types of missions: PSA missions and EPF missions. The PSA missions are longer and there are just 11 of them. The EPF missions are shorter and there are 32 at the moment.

Are the club penguin EPF missions real or fake?


How do you replay missions on the game Elite Penguin Force?

To replay the missions you go to the EPF Room, (or the Command Room) and you click the little video player looking item next to the Case Files, by the door. Any Club Penguin Related Questions? Ask Me! ~Thequestionnaire

When you are done all of the missions on EPF what do you do?

Check Club Penguin to see if you can download/upload any new missions

What is an epf mission on Club Penguin?

A EPF mission is a secret agent mission on club penguin that you have to do. One of them you have to rescue Aunt Artics puffles and bring clues to her and then bring all of her puffles back. EPF missions are really fun! EPF stands for elite penguin force and if you look at elite penguin force. (Elite Penguin Force)