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Q: How do you get into the EPF HQ on Club Penguin?
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What can you do with epf on club penguin after you beat the missions?

you get weekly field missions from the board in EPF HQ

How do you get into the epf HQ on the Club Penguin website?

I have no idea i just submitted this question

Club penguin what is the code to get into the secret room in the HQ?

If you mean EPF ds game then it is 3000

Do you need the club penguin ds game to go in thesecret cupboard?

Yes that is the EPF HQ

Where is the EPF mainframe on club penguin?

go to the epf station ( HQ ) if u see a small screen next to system defender thats where the epf mainframe is

What will the new HQ be on Club Penguin?

The new HQ in club penguin will be in the ski village where the winter sport shop was it will have a phone in the building enter take the test if you past go up the elevator to be in the EPF.PS if you are wondering how it got to be EPF in the old HQ it said on the to do list Eat all the popcorn Plan to catch Herbert Find a new HQ. EPF

How do you get into the closet in Club Penguin?

Closet? You mean the Command Room! You need special acess to get in there (just like HQ). You need to be and EPF agent by having the CP DS game: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (PS. EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force)

What are epf agents on Club Penguin?

EPF agents on club penguin are people who have the DS game. In the DS game box, look behind the papers to find a code you enter in unlock items online. Then there you go, you're an EPF agent and have access to the closet in the HQ on CP.

Where is the game missions on club penguin?

you get a letter to join EPF and you go to the tube transport in the HQ and then go to the big screen.

Will they put the spy HQ back in Club Penguin?

EPF HQ is where Sports Shop used to be. PSA is probably gone for ever expect the Tube Transport room.

What games are realated to Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Game Day on Wii Club Penguin EPF on D.S. Club Penguin EPF Herberts Revenge on D.S.

How do you go into the psa mission Room in the epf in club penguin?

In the EPF HQ there is a large tube in the top center area. Waddle into it and you will go to the VR/PSA Mission Room.