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Find them on a certain day, time, and place and you will get their phone numbers. Then, on another certain day/time/place you can call them for a rematch.

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Q: How do you re battle the gym leaders on Pokemon heart gold?
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How do you battle the moss deep city gym leaders in heart gold?

you can't

What floor in the radio tower are the shutters on and who do you battle to get to them in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You battle your mom

Will you ever battle steven in Pokemon heart gold?

No, you don't battle Steven in HG/SS.

Can you trade and battle with Pokemon Platinum and Heart of Gold?

you can bit i don't think you could battle

Can you battle the Hoenn gym leaders in heart gold?

no sorry i wish only johto and kanto

How do you battle all the gym leaders again on Pokemon Heart Gold?

i don't think you can battle ALL OF THEM again but you can find one of the leaders sometimes in a certain place, talk to them a they will give you their phone number and they'll tell you what day of the week to visit them at their gym so you can battle them. hope you have fun! -RR14

What does whirlpool do outside of a battle in Pokemon Heart Gold?

he just trains with his trainer

What happens once you get past the elite 4 in heart gold version?

You take on the gym leaders from kanto and catch ALOT of legendary pokemon. Also theres an epic battle with red.

What happens in heart gold after you defeat the Pokemon league?

Get the S.S. Aqua Ticket from Prof. Elm and go to Olivine City. Take the boat to Kanto and battle all the Gym Leaders!

Pokemon HeartGold how to get to sinnoh?

you cant get to sinnoh in heart gold, but you can find the gym leaders from sinnoh.

Is Heart Gold and Soul Silver compatible with Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii?

sorry but they are not

How do you find the razor fang Pokemon heart gold?

battle frontier is all i know