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take them 2 the Day care in solacon town and talk 2 the old lady inside 2 leave them.or keep on winning battles with them.

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Q: How do you raise your Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?
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What level does roilu evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You need to raise its friendship not raise its level.

How do you raise your Spiritomb faster in Pokemon Diamond?

day care

How can you raise a rioiu in Pokemon diamond?

lv on low Pokemon or give it xp share

At what level does Munchlax evolve in Pokemon diamond?

raise its happyness to max

How do you raise a Pokémon's happyness in Pokemon Diamond?

By not letting your Pokemon die (It's this way in every game)

How do you get dusclops in pokemon diamond?

you have to catch a duskull on route 224 and raise him to get dusclops

On Pokemon diamond how do you get a mothim in your poke dexs?

raise any boy burmy

Pokemon diamond how to raise levels?

just train them or use rare candies

How do you get a febas to evolve in pokemon diamond?

you need to raise the feebases beaty as high as possible with poffins

How do you raise toughness in Pokemon Diamond?

feed it a sour poffin, you can get a poffin case in the Pokemon fan club.then make poffins at the poffin house.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

What do you have to do to evolve molotic on Pokemon Diamond?

To evolve Milotic you must raise its Beayty stats with certain pokéblocks to maxim