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where are special key in Pokemon diamond

where are special key in Pokemon diamond

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Q: How do you get the special event on Pokemon Diamond?
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In Pokemon Diamond what is the White Pokemon?

I think your talking about Arceus, a special event Pokemon.

How do you get shamen on Pokemon diamond without a special event?

trade with Pokemon Platinum

How do i get shayman in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get oak's letter at on a special event.

How do you get the membership pass on Pokemon diamond?

Special event in N.Y.

How do you get shamin sky form in pokemon diamond?

a special event

How do you catch the legendary Pokemon Celebi Pokemon Diamond Pearl?

You'll have to have received it from a special event.

Can you get Arceus in Pokemon Sapphire?

no it was brought into the game in diamond because u need a special event to get it on diamond

How do you get drakkai in Pokemon diamond?

Either use a action replay or download the special event

What is a special or a Nintendo event for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and when and where is the next one in the UK please answer?

a special event is an event that gives u a special Pokemon eg:jirachi,deoxys,darkrai and many others and i don't know when the or where the next event in the u.k is cause i live in Australia!!

'How do you get the heavens pipe on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You have to go to a special event to get the heavens pipe and then you can get Arceus.

How do you get a darkraifor on Pokemon Pearl?

It is unobtainable in Diamond and Pearl unless you hack it, cheat, or get it at a special event.

How do you get ho oh in Pokemon Diamond?

Sorry, dude. You can't get a Ho-Oh in Diamond unless you go to a special event in America where they give you Pokemon you can't get.

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